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12787073_10207546925664417_1604077206_o 2009, the Carnival, aka Marcello Mazzocco and Viola Zorzi, meet at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, from that moment is sealed, with the first piece “The Circus”, the beginning of their international electronic music project that draws inspiration from dub music to trip hop, from lounge to dance music, from rock to jazz. Their creative process is a perfect alchemy that is born with the aim to entertain and have fun, a game of lights and shadows made up of research and passion. Their eclectic philosophy has led them in time to the collaboration with different artists, constantly experimenting with different expressions, and the transformation of their performance, as demonstrated by the concert at WORM Museum in Rotterdam where they laid the foundations for the 5D show. Carnival fluo
Videomapping, holograms and light effects then begin to be part of the live show, also allowing the two artists to make a name for themselves in the digital scenographic design scene. All this makes each Carnival concert a new adventure, to which is added the participation of professional jugglers, accompanying them on every stage. It came thus to life a unique audio-visual experience for the audience, transported to a dimension of fun and dream. The message is one and simple: “You’re beautiful.” This is also the opening phrase of the debut album “Love = Solution” released in 2013, that the same year topped the Dutch and Canadian charts.
Countries, the Netherlands and Canada, which hosted the Carnival, along with Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Germany and China, for the celebration of the Year of the Tiger. The multiple shades of the Carnival, the mix of colours and suggestions are always the winning cocktail for an experience that is bound to make school to the next generations.